Maintenance and upkeep of both commercial and residential properties is a daunting task. Finding the right person, and resources and managing the time accordingly can get difficult. Furthermore, in a commercial space, the need for deep cleaning increases significantly. In order to get a clean working area for employees, there are two choices. Firstly, you can arrange for an in-house cleaning team. Provide them with all the resources and invest money in their training. The second choice is to simply hire a commercial cleaning company. These professional cleaning companies come with the benefit of no stress of arranging and managing resources.

Clean Care Services for all your cleaning needs

Clean Care Services is a popular cleaning service provider in the region. We have a dedicated team with multiple services to offer. The experience, skill, and cleaning procedure we faciltate is our biggest strength. We understand the importance of having a neat and hygienic space to either work or relax. 

Surveys prove that employers spending on cleanliness and hygiene in their office witness a boost in overall employee health and morale. There is positivity in the working area which pushes employees to give their best. 

By choosing Clean Care Services for your commercial property you can be sure that your employees will take fewer sick leaves. They will be energetic all throughout the day to give their best to meet the organization’s goal. Clearly, with just one point of contact with Clean Care Services, you will be able to get the many benefits of commercial cleaning.

Furthermore, now that offices are opening up post-pandemic, we understand the scare of the spread of infection. As a result, Clean Care Services is now providing coronavirus cleaning services. Knowing how important it is to deep clean working areas at regular intervals, this service is different from everyday cleaning. 

Coronavirus cleaning service covers basic cleaning activities. The differentiating factor here lies with sanitization and disinfection. By choosing us for your coronavirus cleaning service, you can be sure that all the high-touch points, working desks, door handles, etc in the office are germ-free. 

coronavirus cleaning services

An overview of the services available with Clean Care Services

Coronavirus cleaning service is the latest offering available with us. So far we have a list of other services to offer. Let’s dig deep into the services available at Clean Care Services:

  • Commercial Carpet Care – Corporate offices rely a lot on carpets to brighten up the interiors of the office. Just one good carpet gives a professional look to the whole office. This is exactly why we witness so many offices with great carpet flooring. Having said that, carpets demand a lot of effort in maintenance and cleanliness. Proper cleaning of carpets in-house is a tedious task. The solution for deeply cleaned carpets lies with commercial carpet care service. As cleaning companies own all the resources for professional cleaning, just coming in contact with them is all you need to do. 
  • Commercial Floor Care – While carpets are a popular flooring option, there are many commercial spaces that opt for a different flooring type. Depending on the flooring choice, the cleaning requirements differ a lot. Commercial floor care covers processes like floor scrubbing, floor sealing, floor buffing, floor polishing, and floor stripping. It is not necessary that all these procedures will apply to each flooring type. As professionals with experience in floor care, we inspect and provide cleaning services that will help in keeping your commercial flooring intact. 
  • Commercial Upholstery Care – Most offices keep upholstery furniture in their meeting rooms, visitors’ seating area, employee chairs, etc. Commercial upholstery care is one service that every commercial space owner needs at some point. Because upholstery material is prone to dust and stains, professional assistance is necessary. We ensure that our services help in the removal of stains, eliminate odor and allergens, and reduce wear and tear effects. Having been in business for years, we have all the resources to provide you with new-looking upholstery furniture. 
  • Tile and Grout Care – Tile is a common flooring choice in both commercial and residential spaces. People tend to choose tiles for the ease of maintenance that it offers. However, the problem arises with grout care. Just by focusing on tile care and not the tile and grout together, it becomes impossible to get a clean look. With commercial cleaning, the team ensures that tile and grout care is proper. They will leave you with a shining floor.
  • Touch Point Cleaning – Touch point cleaning is becoming an essential service nowadays. Door handles, windows, desks, etc are things that many people touch without care. To be safe from bacteria and viruses, touch point cleaning is an essential service. As commercial cleaning service providers, we follow all the guidelines to ensure our clients are living in a safe space. For this reason, we use sanitizers and disinfectants that minimize germs and control the spread of infection. 
  • Event and Entertainment Disinfectant – One place that definitely needs professional assistance to maintain cleanliness and hygiene is entertainment sets. Event and entertainment disinfectant service ensures that the crew gets access to safe and clean surroundings. Clearly, there are numerous objects, tiny corners, etc that can be home to fatal viruses. Post the pandemic, it is becoming important for all the production houses to invest heavily in commercial cleaning. Clean care services makes every event and entertainment area infection free.

coronavirus cleaning services

In Conclusion:

To conclude, people always face the dilemma of whether commercial cleaning services are worth the investment. The fact of the matter is that going by the busy schedules we have, this is one service that will resolve a number of issues for you. Be it an office or entertainment industry location, commercial cleaning service comes with resources for deep cleaning of all types of spaces. Hence, so far if you have never chosen the services of commercial cleaning companies then make an appointment with Clean Care Services at the earliest.


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