Floor Cleaning Services for Churches & Religious Facilities

Churches and places of worship do more than provide spiritual services – they offer a significant place in the community for individuals to gather and socialize. This can be especially important for older individuals. Older adults are at a higher risk of falls, which can happen with floors that haven’t been properly maintained.

Safety is just one reason why religious facilities should consider having their floors professionally cleaned. Read more below on the importance of clean floors in churches, and how Clean Care Services, with our 30+ years of experience, can provide this essential service for you.

church pews and carpet

The First Step to a Polished Facility & Sacred Space

Commercial floors, whether in a church, medical office, or shopping center, naturally incorporate a lot of foot traffic. The more foot traffic, the dirtier the floors. Dirty floors don’t only look unprofessional and unwelcoming, but they can lend to allergens, dust, and other unwanted particulate matter. Additionally, floors that are not properly maintained directly contribute to poor air quality.

When it comes to churches, clean floors not only help to maintain the health and appearance of the facility, but they also demonstrate a respect for the sacredness of the space. Individuals coming to worship should be able to do so in a clean space that is respectful of their time, health, and safety.

The same premise applies for couples who are choosing to say their vows in this church, or for those attending a funeral and paying respects to a loved one who has passed.

Reduce Risk of Falls or Spills

When commercial floors are properly cleaned and cared for on a regular basis, based on the type of flooring and its specific requirements, the risk of falls or injuries decreases dramatically. This is especially important to note with churches, which naturally see a lot of older individuals.

Although churches attract people of all ages, including families with young children, older adults in particular are likely to frequent a place of warship because:

  • Churches provide a sense of community during a time when they might feel socially isolated or lonely
  • Churches bestow a sense of comfort for those experiencing aging and illness as they grow older
  • Retired individuals have more flexibility in their schedule to allow for church services and community events

As people age, they may experience a decline in their balance, or they may be dealing with a condition or medication that makes them more susceptible to falling. Clean floors help protect older individuals, as well as adults and children of all ages.

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Clean Care Services uses environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning solutions for all types of commercial flooring, including for churches and places of worship. We provide one-time cleanings as well as regular maintenance programs, and we work in the Philadelphia/South Jersey/Northern Delaware area, as well as in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties in California, and in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clean Care Services cleans the following:

  • Carpets
  • Tiles
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Concrete
  • Upholstery

In particular, we have experience cleaning large spaces, of 2,500 square feet and up, although we do smaller spaces as well.

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