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Clean Care Services is the nations premier, highly respected and privately owned touch point disinfectant cleaning, carpet care, and floor care services for professionals and businesses. Clean Care Services has been helping business owners with comprehensive commercial cleaning services for more than 20+ years and your business is of utmost importance to us.

Clean Care Services, is a team of associates committed to providing the highest level of customer service available. Whether performing a proactive carpet or floor maintenance program or a one-time cleaning of conference room chairs, we will be at your facility on time, well-trained and ready to make you feel confident in your choice to use our services.

Protect your business and employees from the Coronavirus by utilizing our Touch Point Disinfectant Cleaning services. Disinfecting your surfaces is one of the most crucial steps you should take as a business owner during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can help reduce the potential spread in your workplace. To ensure your customers focus on your product and not the cleanliness of your business. Clean Care Services also realizes the importance of keeping the environment safe. We make a conscious effort to use Green Sealed Products to protect the environment.

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Since its inception in 2001, Clean Care Services has believed that proactive carpet & floor maintenance programs and our touch point disinfectant services are linked to superior customer satisfaction. We’ve continued to add to and improve our services with one goal in mind — to amaze, you, our customers. Clean Care Services is now providing touch point disinfectant, carpet and floor care service programs tailored to suit your needs.

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Executive team

Paul Roberta General Partner Clean Care Services (2)

Paul Roberta
Founder & General Partner

Paul Roberta is a Founder & General Partner at Clean Care Services and wears many hats: running the business day to day, overseeing sales and marketing, building ironclad customer relationships, and cementing a reputation for attentive and reliable customer service. Starting as an entrepreneur in the janitorial business in 1987, then managing eight branches as Regional Vice President for DuPont Flooring Systems, Carpet Maintenance Division, Paul Roberta brought all his interests and experience together when he founded Clean Care Services in 2001. With his track record in the cleaning business and 20 years of success at Clean Care Services, Paul is widely sought out for his expertise and attention to detail. He has appeared on Channel 7, ABC News in Los Angeles, as well as, the Hollywood Reporter sharing his professional expertise and insight.

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Scott Kersteter
General Partner & Operations Manager

Scott Kersteter is a General Partner & Operations Manager at Clean Care Services, where he takes responsibility for scheduling, maintaining and strengthening client relationships, and delivering results that surpass the highest expectations. He got his start in the cleaning business in the 1990s and served as Regional Operations Manager for DuPont Flooring Systems, Carpet Maintenance Division, keeping eight branches on task and on schedule. With his strong knowledge of business operations, he allocates technicians for jobs, keeps a keen eye on day-to-day field operations, and makes sure Clean Care Services continues to build on its 20-year track record of customer satisfaction and trust, and of success in business and in cleaning.

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Patty Roberta
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Patty Roberta is the Chief Financial & Administrative Officer at Clean Care Services and has served on the executive team since 2001. She oversees all of the company’s financial responsibilities, including all business accounting, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, and payroll. She also manages human resources and administrative activities. Patty is the glue that keeps the business together. She is very well versed in all accounting and administrative processes to keep the business running effectively.

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