The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning in Orange County, CA

We operate out of several locations in California, and a primary one where we offer commercial carpet and floor cleaning is Irvine, CA and the surrounding Orange County. The Irvine area is known for its beautiful parks and family-friendly environment, and in 2023 it was recognized as one of the happiest cities in America. We’re proud to be a part of this great community and keep businesses and facilities clean.

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Clean Care Services has decades of experience with the commercial cleaning of carpets, floors, tiles, and upholstery for area businesses like Network Capital Group; RMS Asset Management; Palmieri, Tyler, Winer, Wilhelm & Waldron LLP; and Woodside Credit in Newport Beach.

Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning Services in Irvine & Other Locations

Clean Care Services works with business owners, property managers, and others to provide top notch floor cleaning services using effective, environmentally friendly products.

We work in variety of industries and fields to keep floors clean, employees safe and healthy, and to help you get back to business without having to worry about floor maintenance. We’ve worked with offices and facilities in sectors like education, medical, legal, hospitality, retail, and much more.

Clean Care Services specializes in the following:

We also provide commercial floor cleaning services in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix areas, and we have a location near Philadelphia as well.