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Philadelphia Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care Services

Adding Commercial Carpet Cleaning and floor care services keeps foreign particles to a minimum and extends the life of your flooring investment. Over time, the carpet fibers are stressed and broken as debris is compressed and rubbed into the carpet fibers. Removing spots and stains on a regular basis is essential for a uniformly clean environment. Traffic areas show wear and much sooner than other areas. Keeping these areas free of discoloration and particles will keep your commercial carpets looking new, and protect your carpeting investment for years to come.  Clean Care Services also provides exceptional floor care including  Stripping and Waxing of VCT, Scrub & Recoat of VCT and burnishing to maintain your floors.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia keeps your employees healthy. Dust, germs and allergens are tracked onto your carpets every day. Accumulation of dust and biological debris contributes to diminished air quality in a building. Regular commercial carpet cleaning has been shown to improve air quality. When buildings are healthier, so are their inhabitants! Clean Care Services will skillfully clean and maintain your commercial carpets, keeping your working environment healthy and clean.

Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia to Wow Your Customers

Don’t let embarrassing spots distract your customers or clients. Routine commercial carpet cleaning lets your customers know you care. Welcome customers and clients to a space that is dirt-free, healthy and odorless. Clean Care Services can set you up on a cost effective carpet maintenance program that will keep your commercial carpets looking great and provide a pleasant environment for your employees, customers and clients.

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