Commercial Floor Cleaning in Philadelphia

Adding Commercial Carpet Cleaning and floor care services keeps foreign particles to a minimum and extends the life of your flooring investment. Over time, the carpet fibers are stressed and broken as debris is compressed and rubbed into the carpet fibers. Removing spots and stains on a regular basis is essential for a uniformly clean environment. Traffic areas show wear and much sooner than other areas. Keeping these areas free of discoloration and particles will keep your commercial carpets looking new, and protect your carpeting investment for years to come.  Clean Care Services also provides exceptional floor care including  Stripping and Waxing of VCT, Scrub & Recoat of VCT and burnishing to maintain your floors.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia keeps your employees healthy. Dust, germs and allergens are tracked onto your carpets every day. Accumulation of dust and biological debris contributes to diminished air quality in a building. Regular commercial carpet cleaning has been shown to improve air quality. When buildings are healthier, so are their inhabitants! Clean Care Services will skillfully clean and maintain your commercial carpets, keeping your working environment healthy and clean.

Professional Commercial Carpet Care Services

Don’t let embarrassing spots distract your customers or clients. Routine commercial carpet cleaning lets your customers know you care. Welcome customers and clients to a space that is dirt-free, healthy and odorless. Clean Care Services can set you up on a cost effective carpet maintenance program that will keep your commercial carpets looking great and provide a pleasant environment for your employees, customers and clients.

Contact us online or give us a call at 877-982-5326 to get a free estimate or learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning and floor care services.


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    Reasons to Maintain Commercial Floor Care in Philadelphia

    • Improve your Image

    Having clean, well-maintained commercial floors in Philadelphia boosts your company morale and overall building appearance

    • Reduce Accidents

    With regular commercial floor cleaning in Philadelphia, the natural wear and tear decreases and helps keep the proper texture to reduce potential hazards and accidents among your employees and clients

    • Save Money 

    Regular commercial carpet and floor cleaning in Philadelphia decreases the harsh wear-down of your flooring, resulting in less severe upkeep and maintaining the quality of your commercial floor and carpet

    Hire the Best Office Upholstery Cleaners in Philadelphia

    You must keep the building that houses your Philadelphia business clean, and our commercial floor care services can help you with that. You want your Philadelphia office to be clean so your employees feel inspired to work hard, and our office carpet care and office carpet cleaning services can help you out. Trust our commercial floor care and office floor care team. We’re among the best floor stripping and waxing companies around, and we provide high quality services at affordable prices.

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    We can meet your Philadelphia commercial floor care needs. Whether you are looking for commercial floor cleaning services for a hard floor or commercial carpet care, we can get your work done. We are one of the Philadelphia commercial floor stripping, commercial floor scrubbing and commercial floor waxing companies that can handle a variety of commercial floor care jobs, and you can trust us with commercial floor maintenance needs. We give you commercial floor maintenance help, commercial tile and grout cleaning, and commercial floor buffing services. We complete office floor maintenance work and office carpet cleaning, and we get stains out when completing office carpet care and commercial carpet cleaning work. When looking for commercial floor stripping, commercial floor scrubbing and commercial floor waxing companies or commercial carpet cleaners, and when needing commercial floor maintenance or office upholstery cleaning services, know that we handle it all.

    Professional Carpet and Floor Cleaners For Philadelphia Businesses

    Our Philadelphia office floor care and office floor cleaning team can come to your office regularly. We offer commercial floor care services, and we can help you schedule our office floor cleaning team so that they will show up as often as you need them. You should not have to think about office floor cleaning too much, you should just know that someone will give you the office floor maintenance help you need. Trust us to show up for regularly scheduled Philadelphia office floor cleaning work.

    You want Philadelphia commercial carpet care and office carpet care from those who clean carpets without damaging them. You want office floor care from those who know all types of floor finishes. Our commercial carpet care comes through a commercial carpet cleaning team that knows what they are doing. Our office floor maintenance services come through those trained for office floor care work. Trust our commercial carpet services, our commercial floor buffing, and our commercial floor polishing. We are one of the most knowledgeable commercial floor stripping, commercial floor scrubbing and commercial floor waxing companies.

    The Best Commercial Cleaning in Philadelphia

    Taking care of your business means it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The health of your employees and customers depend on it. To ensure you receive the best floor cleaning services, you need to hire Clean Care Services. We offer several office floor care solutions. Here’s what you need to know about our office floor maintenance in Philadelphia.

    Our Several Floor Maintenance Services Will Keep Your Business Sanitized

    To ensure our clients always receive a thorough clean, we offer several solutions. They include:

    • Floor Waxing
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Floor buffing
    • Floorcare
    • Floor stripping
    • Scrubbing
    • Floor polishing
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Office carpet cleaning

    In addition to these solutions, we also offer COVID office cleaning in Philadelphia. Everything from office upholstery cleaning to office floor cleaning can keep your employees and customers safe from COVID-19 and other viruses.

    Benefits of Office Carpet Care and Floor Polishing

    There are a few benefits you can receive from floor waxing and carpet care. Our carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners will improve the health of your employees and customers by killing germs. The floor and upholstery can trap germs within its fibers. Even hard surfaces can allow germs to cling to them.

    Our office upholstery cleaners will ensure every piece of furniture is clean.

    Tile and grout cleaning and floor polishing will also increase customer growth. Customers don’t want to shop in a business that is dirty. Companies can increase their customer audience by using our upholstery cleaners and commercial tile and grout cleaning to entice customers to their doors.

    We’re one of the few companies that will focus on tile and grout cleaning to ensure you receive a thorough and sanitizing clean.

    Call Us For Commercial Cleaning Today

    To receive high-quality commercial cleaning for your business, give us a call.

    Trust Our Philadelphia Floor Cleaning Services

    We provide commercial floor maintenance and commercial floor cleaning work for a low price. We complete commercial floor buffing and commercial floor polishing work at a cost that your business can afford. You need to limit your office floor maintenance spending, and we give you help at a low price. Our commercial carpet care and commercial floor polishing team works hard to give you good commercial carpet services and commercial floor cleaning help while keeping our costs low. We have the best office carpet cleaning services around. We don’t want you to need another Philadelphia commercial cleaning company in addition to us, and we provide every possible commercial cleaning service you could need. We’re among the best floor stripping and waxing companies, and we can leave your commercial area spotless when we’re done with it.

    Being responsible for keeping a Philadelphia office clean can be tiring, and we are here to provide you with office upholstery cleaning, commercial cleaning, and commercial floor cleaning help. Dealing with office carpet cleaning work can be a lot, and our office cleaning help makes it simple for you to have access to office upholstery cleaners and commercial tile and grout cleaning services. We simplify your life with commercial carpet care, commercial tile and grout cleaning, office upholstery cleaners, and other types of commercial cleaning and office cleaning services. You get the commercial carpet care and commercial cleaning/office cleaning services in one place through us, and our commercial carpet cleaners and office upholstery cleaners work hard. Choose our Philadelphia commercial carpet cleaners and all our commercial cleaning services. When you’re in need of floor stripping and waxing companies, count on our team to help.

    When you need commercial carpet services, contact us for commercial carpet services, office carpet care, and commercial tile and grout cleaning services. Our office cleaning team will impress you, and they will take on commercial carpet cleaning, commercial floor cleaning, office upholstery cleaning, and commercial tile and grout cleaning work.


    “My office in Philly called Clean Care Services for a quote and they were very friendly over the phone, offered us a fair price, and got the job done very well. The tile and grout in the kitchen space of our office looked better than it has in years. Thanks, Clean Care Services.”

    – Jose

    “BEST commercial floor cleaning services in Philadelphia hands down! If you want your carpet to look like it’s in the 21st century, call these guys ASAP!”

    – Ken

    “Clean Care Services has the best service in Philadelphia! We’ve used them throughout the pandemic to disinfect our office spaces, and they did such a fantastic job, that we will now be using them for floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and really anything else to maintain our office space. Don’t go anywhere else!”

    – Nate