Touch Point Disinfectant Cleaning in San Diego

office coronavirus cleaning san diegoCoronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been impacting people all over the world. From schools transitioning to online classes to businesses closing their doors, everyone is being affected in some way. However, if your business is still open during the Coronavirus pandemic in San Diego, you should consider investing in high quality commercial cleaning services.

We use an Approved EPA Hospital Grade Disinfectant for Use against Covid-19.

We have added a plant-based antimicrobial that specifically kills microbes and fights Covid-19. This product effectively cleans, disinfects and deodorizes without any harsh fumes. In addition to no harsh fumes, it also won’t leave any residue at all and is very low in toxicity. This is a hospital grade disinfectant and EPA registered germicide, fungicide and virucide product.  We offer electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to help protect your facility.  Our number 1 priority is to keep your employees and customers feeling safe!  We will also leave a Completion Certificate to properly show proof of disinfecting & sanitizing.

Clean Care Services offers the best in office cleaning to those in San Diego. If you’re in need of commercial cleaning services in the San Diego area or help with disinfecting surfaces, we can help you. We serve many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, financial institutions and more. Some workplaces cannot close during the COVID-19 pandemic, and if your business is one of them, get in touch with our team to provide top notch commercial cleaning services to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Contact us today for a free estimate to Sanitize & Disinfect your facility. Keep your customers and employees feeling safe!

Some industries that can use our services:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Food Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools & Education
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • and more…

Not only can we clean your floors and carpets, but we can sanitize all surfaces to help your workplace stay clear of the Coronavirus. Disinfecting surfaces is one of the most important steps to take during the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the Coronavirus can stay for hours to days at a time on surfaces, it’s important to be disinfecting all surfaces, especially ones that are in use more frequently than others. We use a special disinfectant that is incredibly powerful to eliminate the virus. The disinfectant is hospital grade in combination with fogging technology to ensure all facilities are being cleaned properly and completely.

Specialized COVID-19 Disinfecting Services in San Diego

covid19 office cleaning san diegoSan Diego is a highly populated area in the state of California. With a higher population comes a higher chance of spreading COVID-19 whenever you leave your home. Work is a common place to catch any type of sickness, especially one as contagious as the Coronavirus. This is where constantly disinfecting surfaces and hiring our office cleaning services can benefit you greatly.

If you’re interested in commercial cleaning services to help combat COVID-19 in your workplace, but you’re worried about the costs, we’re here to let you know that our office cleaning services are always affordable. We want to help the local community and help contain the spread of the Coronavirus by disinfecting your workplace. Our office cleaning rates will not change during this time, so you don’t have to worry about outrageous costs that you may not be able to afford.

If your business is still open during the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re here to help you out. Our commercial cleaning services can help protect your workplace and safeguard your employees from the Coronavirus. If you’re in need of professional office cleaning services, get in touch with Clean Care Services. Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone in the workplace safer and healthier.

If you need floor or carpet cleaning in San Diego, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The Best Office Cleaning and Coronavirus Disinfecting in San Diego

If your business is finally allowed to start opening back up amid the Coronavirus pandemic, then it’s necessary to take precautions. Businesses everywhere need to do their part in stopping the spread of infection. The best way to do this is to have regular office cleaning and Coronavirus disinfecting. At Clean Care Services, we strive to keep businesses, their workers, and their customers safe through high-quality office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services. Here’s why working with our company is beneficial.

Knowing How to Stop the Spread

In order to have the most effective commercial cleaning service, it’s important to understand how the virus spreads. It spreads via:

  • Through aerosols that leave an infected person’s mouth
  • Infected surfaces
  • Sneezing on someone
  • Coughing on someone
  • Kissing an infected person

Our Coronavirus disinfectant is a powerful measure that can kill the virus and keep your employees and customers safe. Our Coronavirus disinfectant is also derived from plants and safe to use in commercial cleaning.

Many COVID-19 disinfectants are too odorous or harmful for people to breathe in for long hours at the companies in which they work. Ours is safe to use. You don’t have to sacrifice the health of your employees and customers just to kill the Coronavirus.

Our Office Cleaning Services Keeps You Open

The biggest benefit that you can receive with our medical office cleaning or office cleaning services is that it allows you to keep your business open. When COVID-19 infects one of your employees, you may need to shut your doors. This can impact your profits and potentially close your business if you have to remain shut down for a long period of time.

Our medical office cleaning and regular office cleaning in San Diego will keep your business open. By regularly cleaning, it’s less likely that your employees and customers are going to become ill. So long as you implement masks and sneeze guards, your business should be a safe place.

Become One of the Companies to Stop the Spread

When you do your part in having regular medical office cleaning and commercial cleaning services performed, then you’re also helping to stop the spread of the infection throughout the world. It only takes one infected person from your store to start a new infection elsewhere in San Diego.

The Best COVID19 Office Cleaning in San Diego CA

San Diego is a city frequently struggling with the Coronavirus. To ensure your business can stay open, you need to adopt regular office cleaning. Yet who you choose to perform your COVID cleaning is extremely important. To ensure you receive the best possible office Coronavirus cleaning service possible, you need to hire Clean Care Services. We specialize in COVID cleaning because of our office Coronavirus disinfectant. Here’s what you need to know about our office cleaning services in San Diego.

Why Our Cleaning Company is Effective in Killing COVID-19

We stand out from other disinfectant cleaning companies because our disinfectant actually works. It also has a few other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Odorless disinfection
  • Effective in killing Coronavirus
  • No residue

One problem with many disinfection solutions is that it leaves behind a strong odor. This can make working impossible for some employees. We’re one of the few disinfectant cleaning companies with an odorless solution.

Hire Our Office Cleaning in San Diego Today

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Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Company in San Diego

Whether you need office cleaning or other commercial cleaning services, our company can help. It’s important for all companies to come together to keep each other safe. Call us for medical office cleaning or office cleaning today. We can help keep your employees and customers healthy, so you can thrive. As San Diego begins to open up, more and more businesses will reopen, too. If you’re a business owner and you are beginning to open up your business, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your employees and customers safe. Investing in commercial disinfecting and sanitizing services can greatly help your customers and employees stay safe and reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

At Clean Care Services, we offer top notch disinfecting touch point cleaning services. We use an approved EPA hospital grade disinfectant to combat COVID-19. Our sanitizing and disinfecting services cannot be beaten. Our goal is to keep your business safe and clean, and we offer our touch point cleaning services at affordable rates. If you own a business in San Diego, consider our commercial disinfecting services. We offer touchpoint disinfection to ensure highly used surfaces remain clean and Coronavirus-free.

Odds are, there will still be a decent amount of people coming in and out of your facility on a daily basis, including your employees. Touchpoint disinfection removes any germs or bacteria that is getting into your business daily, making it effective against spreading COVID-19. If you operate a business in San Diego, consider hiring our disinfecting cleaning company. Our goal is to make sure your business stays safe and clean throughout these unprecedented times.



    “THANK YOU to Clean Care Services for disinfecting our San Diego tutoring space. We have so many children and families coming in every day to be tutored, that disinfecting was a top priority following the COVID-19 outbreak. Could not be happier with their professional services.”

    – Sharon

    “We called Clean Care Services San Diego to give a deep cleaning to all of the surfaces of our clothing store. It experiences a lot of traffic, so we were thankful that they could get the job done so quickly. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for disinfectant or cleaning services in SD.”

    – Lee

    “My office was looking for a disinfectant service so we could reopen safely, and Clean Care Services was able to get the job done super fast and we re-opened the next day. Thank you Clean Care Services San Diego!”

    – Don

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