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Create a healthy environment for customers, employees, clients and visitors to your business when you choose CLEAN CARE SERVICES, the premiere commercial carpet cleaner. San Diego-area companies and organizations will also discover that professionally cleaned carpeting goes a long way toward improving the overall appearance of your interior space. Our floor care services are second to none and is often our most popular service in San Diego.

Over time, a carpet can trap all kinds of dirt and bacteria. These contaminants not only make carpeting look dull and dingy. They can also contribute to respiratory ailments. To keep everyone inside your building safe and comfortable, use Clean Care Services’ expert carpet cleaning services to deeply clean carpets and restore them to “like new” condition. We have 30 years of carpet cleaning expertise, and our CLEAN CARE SERVICES technicians are highly trained for all kinds of carpets and floor care issue. At CLEAN CARE SERVICES, we use different professional cleaning techniques depending upon the type of carpet or floor we’re working on and the condition.

Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning in San Diego

    Fully Certified San Diego Carpet and Floor Cleaners

    Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, and our cleaning techniques are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Don’t trust such an important job with your in-house maintenance crew. CLEAN CARE SERVICES knows carpets and floors! Our professional services can also be declared on your company’s taxes as a legitimate business expense.

    Professional Carpet and Floor Cleaners For San Diego Businesses

    Our carpet cleaning process includes a complete inspection of your facility’s carpet, a thorough vacuuming to remove loose soil, pre-treatment of any stains, our before cleaning and an after-cleaning grooming to speed up the drying time and give the cleaned carpet a more uniform appearance.

    For a thorough cleaning and restoring of your business’s carpet or floors, give CLEAN CARE SERVICES a call!

    Proudly serving the following areas:

    Downtown San Diego, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial beach

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    We Specialize in Medical Office Cleaning in San Diego

    Clean Care Services Who We Serve in The San Diego Area

    We offer commercial floor cleaning, commercial floor waxing, and commercial carpet care throughout the San Diego area. We can help you with office carpet cleaning, medical office cleaning, and even commercial tile and grout cleaning. We can help you keep your San Diego office clean, and we offer commercial floor cleaning, office carpet cleaning, or medical office cleaning at any time.

    What Do Commercial Carpet Services Do for Your San Diego Office?

    We offer janitorial cleaning services in San Diego that include office floor care, commercial tile and grout cleaning, and commercial floor polishing. We can help you with commercial carpet care when your office is very large, and we can handle office carpet care if you have a lot of foot traffic. Plus, you need our commercial tile and grout cleaning service if people used the bathrooms during a big event.

    Office carpet care prevents damage to the facility, and our commercial carpet cleaners will work quickly to remove any stains. If our commercial carpet cleaners find stains they cannot remove, we will alert you instantly. We can offer a new office carpet care plan that prevents stains from setting in, and we can set up a regular appointment for commercial carpet services. Commercial floor maintenance will include office carpet cleaning, stain removal, and a visit from our commercial upholstery cleaners.

    Our office carpet cleaning services in Irvine CA and San Diego can partner with commercial upholstery cleaning. Our commercial upholstery cleaners can offer commercial carpet care at the same time, and they can schedule these office floor cleaning services at regular intervals in San Diego.

    How Does Office Upholstery Cleaning Help?

    Office upholstery cleaning addresses all the furniture in your facility. Our office upholstery cleaners use environmentally safe cleaning products, and our office upholstery cleaning services ensure that no harm comes to your furniture. Office floor care only treats one part of the office.

    Our office upholstery cleaners can deal with fabric couches, leather chairs, and any other furniture pads or cushions. Your furniture smells fresh after commercial upholstery cleaning is done, and our commercial upholstery team will tell you when they find stains that have set in.

    You will make a good impression on your clients when you combine commercial upholstery cleaning with office carpet care. Office floor maintenance is done by one team while the upholstery is handled by another cleaner.

    The Best Medical Office Cleaning Services in San Diego

    Commercial floor care is an important part of keeping your business open and running. Now more than ever it’s essential that you have office upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners on call. Those upholstery cleaners and office floor care sanitizers should come from Clean Care Services. Here’s what you need to know about our floor maintenance in San Diego.

    We Offer Several Services to Keep You Safe in San Diego

    With as much traffic as a medical office receives, it’s essential that you have regular medical office cleaning performed. Choosing us ensures that you receive a plethora of cleaning solutions designed to keep your office safe and healthy. Some of our solutions include:

    • Tile and grout cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Floor buffing
    • Floor cleaning
    • Floor scrubbing
    • Floor stripping
    • Floor waxing
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Office floor maintenance
    • Floor polishing

    Benefits of Medical Office Cleaning

    Commercial tile and grout cleaning as well as our upholstery cleaners can offer many benefits to your office. One of the most important is that it keeps your employees and customers healthy. Germs remain attached to the fibers and hard surfaces of floors. Carpet care and office floor cleaning can get rid of them.

    Germs can also attach themselves to upholstery. Our office upholstery cleaning ensures that every inch is disinfected and sanitized.

    Besides the health of your customers and employees, office carpet cleaning is also beneficial in that it keeps customers coming into your office. If customers spot dirty floors, then they likely won’t do business with you anymore. Office carpet care can grow your business.

    Hire the Best Commercial Cleaning Today

    Only the best cleaning routines can keep your business afloat. Hire our professionals today and keep your employees and patients safe and healthy. Trust in our cleaning practices.

    How Do Commercial Floor Buffing and Commercial Floor Waxing Work?

    Commercial floor buffing and commercial floor waxing work hand-in-hand. We offer floor waxing to make everything shine. Commercial floor buffing helps maintain that shine while removing the wax. We offer commercial floor polishing for all your entryways and tile floors. You can request commercial floor scrubbing when the tiles are very dirty, and we offer commercial floor stripping when the floors are caked with wax.

    Commercial floor scrubbing involves a special brush meant to clear debris. Commercial floor stripping uses a special solution that cleans everything including wax. We will use the commercial floor scrubbing machines to remove gunk, or we can use commercial floor stripping before waxing the floor properly. Office floor cleaning for your facility is customized to meet your needs.

    Commercial floor cleaning and office floor maintenance must be done at least once a month to prevent any damage, slips, or falls. Plus, we can send someone to do commercial floor cleaning at the end of every week after the office is empty. Commercial floor polishing will ready your office for the Monday rush, or we can send the office floor care team every day when it is very busy in your facility.

    How Does Office Floor Maintenance Raise Property Values?

    When you ask for office floor maintenance, you can request commercial carpet care, commercial floor maintenance, or commercial tile and grout cleaning If you look through the 5 Reasons Why A Clean Workplace is Good For Business, you will notice that floors can be damaged and fall apart if they are not cleaned.

    Our commercial floor care team offers services that include repairs. We can push down tiles that are lifting, and we can tack down office carpets to prevent bubbles. Our commercial carpet cleaners have years of experience, and they know when you need more than office floor cleaning.

    To combat the on-going issues with the current health crisis. We are now offering office coronavirus cleaning in San Diego, to ensure your employees and customers are in a safe environment.


    “We operate a marketing company in San Diego, so we have experience interacting with a lot of different businesses in the area, and none have matched the professionalism and customer service we experienced with Clean Care Services. From the beginning, they were friendly, gave us a realistic quote to deep clean all of the carpeting in our office, and got the job done quickly with the carpet looking like new. 5 stars.”

    – Jimmy

    “The best carpet cleaning company for your office in San Diego hands down! Call these guys immediately, they’ll make your carpet look like new!”

    – Brittany

    “I’ve used Clean Care Services for upholstery cleaning in my San Diego retail locations for years, and they have never disappointed. If you’re looking for a high-quality deep clean, look no further. Thanks for all the good work guys.”

    – Daniel

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