We all want the best for our family and for those who depend upon us. For professionals who work directly with children, such as teachers and also daycare providers, it is important to maintain safety in the work environment especially for those who are most vulnerable. When you send your child to school or daycare, you as a parent must know for certain that their safety will be secured throughout their time away from you. While this has always been the case, the onset of the Coronavirus epidemic has amplified the need for this assurance by tenfold. To prevent the spread of disease during the COVID 19 virus, it is necessary to identify certain touchpoints where the disease can most easily be prevented from spreading.

Concerning the coronavirus, the term touchpoints refers to locations in a physical space where the disease can be prevented from spreading from one individual to another. At Clean Care Services we believe it is important to target touchpoint surfaces and high trafficked areas in schools and daycares. Plant-based sanitation has proven both effective and safe for cleaning facilities, especially those that revolve around children.

In daycare facilities, it is very important to recognize that breakrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, and entryways are high-risk areas. This is because it is in these areas that many individuals touch many points, children and adults alike. As children are less likely to remember to wash their hands or not to use their hands for unsanitary purposes throughout the day, both daycares and schools alike become potential hot spots for COVID 19. 

In daycares, as in comparison to schools, there are usually fewer locations that need to be sanitized, as the buildings are generally smaller than school buildings. Another consideration when comparing and contrasting COVID 19 prevention between daycares and schools is the sheer number of people at risk of spreading the disease. Daycares generally house fewer people than do public or even private schools. For this reason, schools tend to carry more risk of spreading the disease and it is for this reason that in schools disinfecting is highly important. 

Touchpoints in schools include doorways to the cafeteria, which can often be contacted by hundreds of students per day. It is not only necessary to consider areas that are frequently touched by multiple individuals, but also areas that are frequently touched by one individual. A teacher’s desk for example can become a hotspot for COVID 19 if not frequently sanitized. The common areas for teachers to take breaks can also be hotspots because even if only a small number of individuals come into contact with the area, they do so frequently and daily.

Clean Care Services can provide  COVID 19 disinfectant in Irvine Ca or Chicago as we cover multiple US cities. In schools and daycares in major cities, it is vital to use professional cleaners with safe sanitizers and coronavirus disinfectants. These types of cleaning services are especially important in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, large metropolitan areas in the United States at risk of COVID 19 spikes.


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