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Covid19 Disinfection | Touch Point Disinfectant Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been sweeping across the world, and more recently, across the nation. The United States is getting hit hard by COVID-19, with new Coronavirus cases exponentially increasing each day. People are told to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, but there are still some industries and jobs that require their employees to come to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who still need to go into work and are in need of office cleaning and disinfecting services in Los Angeles, Clean Care Services can help you.


We use an Approved EPA Hospital Grade Disinfectant for Use against Covid-19.

We are now offering a brand new, antimicrobial alternative to our touch point cleaning services. This antimicrobial is plant-based and helps kill microbes and Covid-19. This alternative is also a hospital grade disinfectant as well as EPA registered to fight against Covid-19. Not only does this antimicrobial alternative clean, disinfects and deodorizes, you don’t have to worry about any harsh fumes. It’s also a multi-purpose germicide, fungicide and virucide product. It’s low toxicity levels and leaving no residue behind makes this a great option. We offer electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to help protect your facility.  Our number 1 priority is to keep your employees and customers feeling safe!  We will also leave a Completion Certificate to properly show proof of disinfecting & sanitizing. Contact us today for a free estimate to Sanitize & Disinfect your facility. Keep your customers and employees feeling safe!

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Some industries that can use our services:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Food Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools & Education
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • and more…

Coronavirus Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Professional COVID-19 Disinfecting Service in LA

touchpoint cleaning LAThe Coronavirus is known to be incredibly contagious. It can live on surfaces for up to a few days. This is why it’s so important to keep your work space clean by disinfecting the surfaces. At Clean Care Services, we use a hospital grade disinfectant for all of our commercial cleaning jobs to combat the Coronavirus in the Los Angeles area. This disinfectant is a hypochlorous acid solution produced by electrolysis and is referred to as electro-activated water. This disinfectant is hospital grade, EPA registered. That means it effectively cleans, disinfects and deodorizes without using harsh fumes. This is great to use for office cleaning because it will eliminate the potential of spreading the Coronavirus via contact with contaminated surfaces. We help operating businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles area with our cleaning services. With COVID-19 spreading drastically, it’s more important now than ever to hire commercial cleaning services. Disinfecting your surfaces is one of the most crucial steps you should take as a business owner during the COVID-19 pandemic. Office cleaning can make a huge difference in a time like this, and Clean Care Services is here to help in this time of need. If you own a business in Los Angeles, consider hiring commercial cleaning and disinfecting services to combat COVID-19. When you hire our cleaning crew, you can trust that we will get the job done quickly and effectively, all at an affordable price. If you’re interested in protecting your business and employees from the Coronavirus, we can help reduce the spread in your workplace.

Coronavirus Disinfecting Services in Los Angeles CA

The COVID-19 virus has proven to be a dangerous and deadly pandemic that has stretched across the world. Infection is easy and the virus can severely impact the health of even the healthiest of people. As your business starts to open, it’s essential that you hire our disinfecting services. At Clean Care Services, we provide high-quality and thorough Coronavirus disinfecting services in Los Angeles CA. Here are some benefits of working with us.

Our Touch Point Cleaning Can Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus

Learning how COVID-19 spreads is important for implementing strategies to stop its spread. There are a few different ways it’s transmitted:

  • Through infected surfaces
  • Being near an infected person
  • Being sneezed on by an infected person
  • Being coughed on by an infected person

While there may be other paths of transmission, these are the most likely. Our company can offer touch point cleaning in Los Angeles to remove one of those methods. Touch point cleaning with a Coronavirus disinfectant can kill the virus and make using registers, scanners, and computers safe for your employees.

We Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

When you hire us for office sanitizing or touch point cleaning in your commercial business in LA, then you’re being proactive in the fight against COVID-19. A benefit of using our disinfecting services is that it will keep your employees and customers safe. You won’t experience massive job shortages because your employees are all ill.

Your customers will also feel safe in coming to your business because they know that you take the time to use a virus disinfectant. All of this will only benefit your business by allowing you to stay open and make sales.

Our Coronavirus Disinfectant is Safe

One aspect of office sanitizing is that many of the disinfecting services used utilize virus disinfectants that aren’t safe. It may kill the Coronavirus, but it might also impact the health of your employees and customers long-term. Office sanitizing should utilize disinfectants that are safe.

That’s exactly what we offer. Our Coronavirus office sanitizing is derived from a plant-based formula. It’s odorless and won’t make your employees or customers ill.

The Best Disinfecting Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles remains a hot spot for the spread of COVID-19. While some businesses are starting to open up, all it takes is one bad day for them to be shut down again. To ensure your business remains open and thriving, you need to hire Clean Care Services. We offer disinfecting services that have been proven to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know about our office cleaning company in LA.

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning Solutions Kills COVID 19

Before the virus hit, our office cleaning company already practiced deep cleaning methods. We were proud to clean better than any other commercial cleaning business. After the virus started to spread, we only doubled-down on our office sanitizing methods.

This included finding a disinfectant that was effective in killing the virus. Our solution not only kills the virus, but it also does so with leaving behind a strong odor or residue. You can expect the best touch point cleaning from us.

Call Us Today to Start Sanitizing Your Business

Having an experienced sanitizing business on call is essential for your business. To keep your employees safe, call us today.

Choose Our Cleaning Service in LA Today

Touch point cleaning can benefit your business in LA. Contact us today to see how else we can help you in the fight against COVID. Your employees will appreciate it. As more and more businesses begin opening in Los Angeles, it’s crucial to keep your employees and customers safe. At Clean Care Services, we offer disinfecting touch point cleaning and sanitizing services. This ensures even as things return to normal, you’re keeping your business clean and protected from COVID-19.

Although there is little information on how much COVID-19 is spread through surfaces, it’s crucial to keep things tidy in your workplace. The truth of the matter is that COVID-19 can be spread in numerous ways, so investing in disinfecting services can make a huge difference. This can give your employees and customers peace of mind when coming to your establishment. When they know you’re investing in touchpoint disinfection and sanitizing services, they can feel better about coming to work or coming to shop. It’s important to take the proper precautions in your workplace. You should be performing disinfecting cleaning every day for the best protection. At Clean Care Services, we offer touch point cleaning and disinfecting services for businesses at affordable prices. Our product is proven to combat COVID-19 on surfaces.

Los Angeles has a large population density. Protect those coming into your business from catching and spreading the Coronavirus by hiring commercial disinfecting services. Our goal is to keep you safe and healthy and make sure your business can continue to operate despite the circumstances. If you’re interested in touchpoint disinfection cleaning services in Los Angeles, get in touch with Clean Care Services today. Our commercial disinfecting services can help keep your customers and employees safe. Send us an email or give us a call today to learn more about our disinfecting cleaning services.


    Trust clean care services for your professional disinfection & disinfecting needs. We are not a referral agency or a maid service we are family owned and operated commercial cleaning company in Los Angeles, offering commercial disinfection to surrounding areas. Offering business cleaning services and disinfection services in Los Angeles. Customer satisfaction is always put first, call the team at clean care services. 

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    “I run a small daycare in LA and needed it to be safe for the children and my employees after reopening. Clean Care Services was able to come in the same day, making reopening much faster and safer. I really appreciate a quality, friendly, professional company like this, they’re hard to come by in LA!”

    – Elaine

    “I have a large office building in LA that is too big for my regular janitorial service to clean after the pandemic. I didn’t know where to turn to get a high-grade disinfectant and was recommended to Clean Care Services. They did a FANTASTIC job and were very professional throughout the entire process. Job well done.”

    – Andrew

    “Our property management company has lots of locations in the LA area that needed to be professionally disinfected for the safety of our employees upon returning to work. We were happy to use Clean Care Services for ALL of the management offices on site and got a high-quality disinfectant clean. Thanks, Clean Care Services, we will be contacting you for future cleaning projects as well.”

    – Ryan

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