Touch Point Cleaning Services in Chicago

covid 19 office cleaning chicagoThe Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been devastating the world and causing businesses to shut down, either temporarily or permanently. However, more and more businesses are beginning to open up and adapt new measures and guidelines for their business to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. If you’re considering opening your business soon or your business is already open in Chicago, consider getting touch point cleaning services from Clean Care Services.

Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe From COVID-19 With Our Sanitizing Services in Chicago

Touch point cleaning focuses on cleaning the common areas and locations that are touched by several people throughout the day. These could be surfaces like light switches, door handles, elevators and more. At Clean Care Services, we offer the best touch point cleaning and sanitizing services for commercial businesses of all kinds in Chicago.

We use a plant based hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectant to combat the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces. Our disinfecting services can keep your business clean and eliminate the threat of COVID-19 in your business. Our disinfectant cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes without leaving any harsh fumes. It’s also low in toxicity.

Our disinfectant cleaning services will not leave any residue on surfaces and will protect against microbes and viruses like the Coronavirus. We also offer electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to help protect your facility from COVID-19. Our main priority is to keep your customers and employees safe while they’re in your business. We will also leave a Completion Certificate after we complete our touch point cleaning services to properly show proof of disinfecting and sanitizing.

If you operate a business in Chicago and you’re keeping your business open, you need to stay as healthy as possible during this Coronavirus pandemic. One way to ensure the health and safety of your workers and your business is to wipe down surfaces frequently, disinfecting anything that may have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

Professional Coronavirus Disinfecting Services in Chicago

commercial cleaning companies in chicagoWe want to help out local businesses in the Chicago area with our expert touch point cleaning and disinfecting services. Disinfecting cleaning and sanitizing is a crucial part of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our disinfecting cleaning services can cater to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Our services can be especially helpful for those in the healthcare sector. However, regardless of what your business is, we can provide top notch sanitizing and prevention cleaning services to give you and the employees at your business some peace of mind. We also provide commercial cleaning services in Chicago like carpet cleaning, floor waxing, and upholstery cleaning.

Some industries that can benefit from our disinfectant cleaning services in Chicago include:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail
  • And more!

Hire Our Commercial Cleaning Company to Combat COVID-19 At Your Workplace

If you work in an office, then you know how important it is to recruit cleaning services. Many times, cubicles or desks in an office setting are very close together. If you hire our office cleaning company, we’ll provide the best prevention cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure the safety of those in the office. We’re one of the leading COVID-19 office cleaning companies in the Chicago area and beyond.

It’s more important now than ever to hire office cleaning and disinfecting services for your office or commercial property. Regardless of the industry you’re in and the age of your employees, anyone can be affected by COVID-19 and spread it easily without proper measures in place. Our company is here to help and protect your company and everyone in it through expert office cleaning and sanitizing services.

If you’re looking to hire one of the leading prevention cleaning companies in Chicago, look no further. Clean Care Services provides the best sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to combat the Coronavirus in your workplace. We don’t know how long the Coronavirus will be here, so it’s important to get touch point cleaning and other cleaning services. We come with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and a hospital grade disinfectant that can combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Contact Clean Care Services today to recruit our team of touch point cleaners for your business or get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing and the services we can provide to your business.

The Best COVID Cleaning Services in Chicago IL

The Coronavirus has crippled many parts of the country. Yet with some states slowly reopening, the need is clear for consistent and professional cleaning services. In Chicago, a city with a large population, the need for professional cleaning is even direr. If you wish to ensure that your business can continue to remain open and operational, then you need to hire Clean Care Services to do your disinfecting cleaning. Here’s how we can help keep your business free from the Coronavirus in Chicago IL.

Our Prevention Cleaning Strategies Will Keep Companies Safe in Chicago

We know that COVID 19 is spread in different ways. This includes:

  • Through respiratory drops via coughing or sneezing
  • On infected surfaces
  • Through personal contact

While ensuring your customers wear masks and use hand sanitizer will cover most of these bases, you still require our commercial disinfecting company for touch point cleaning. Touchpoint cleaning consists of thoroughly disinfecting highly-trafficked areas. These include doorknobs, handles, handlebars, computer screens, and other frequently-touched areas.

Our corporate cleaning service will regularly come to companies in Chicago and ensure that their space is sanitized.

We do this with our own effective disinfectant. Because office cleaning is happening so frequently, the fumes of many kinds of disinfectants are too much for some workers and customers. Our corporate cleaning company wanted to do something different. We use a formula that is tough on the Coronavirus but doesn’t contain much of an odor.

Nor does our disinfectant leave a residue behind. When you choose us for disinfecting cleaning to fight COVID-19, you’re going to receive a thorough clean without any of the side-effects.

Try Our Commercial Sanitizing Services for COVID 19 Today

Prevention cleaning is essential to stopping the spread of COVID 19. We keep companies safe by offering commercial sanitizing and office cleaning solutions. Call us for office cleaning today.



    “Opening our office back up following the pandemic was nerve-wracking, but Clean Care Services made it more manageable. We called them in for their touchpoint cleaning services and were very satisfied with the work they did. They used high-quality products and were very professional. We felt comfortable coming back into the office for work. Thanks for keeping us safe Clean Care Services!”

    – Harry

    “We have an office located in The Loop of Downtown Chicago, and were concerned with re-opening procedures to keep everyone safe. Clean Care Services offered a FANTASTIC disinfectant package, using hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants. We can honestly say this contributed to our company being able to safely stay open.”

    – Kara

    “Clean Care Services is the best disinfectant cleaning service in Chicago. They were very friendly, very knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire process. We were very impressed with the materials and chemicals they used in the disinfecting process, and with how quickly they were able to complete it. 10/10 recommend Clean Care Services to any business in Chicago.”

    – Ted