Having a clean, tidy office is extremely important, as it sets the tone for your business in more ways than just one. In fact, having a clean office can do wonders for the productivity of the employees and you want to be sure to have a space that clients and vendors can appreciate. But maintaining a clean office can be difficult sometimes, especially when the space is shared with multiple employees. Therefore, it is imperative for all employees to do their part to maintain a clean and tidy office. In fact, when cleanliness is not something that is taken seriously, it can easily lead to decreased productivity, unmotivated employees, turned-off clients, vendors, and more. While office cleaning is something that is often overlooked, it is truly something that contributes to having a successful business. No matter how big or small an office is, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. Our team has created a list of six effective cleaning tips that will help you keep your office fresh, organized, and alive. 

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1) Establish a clean office culture

Establishing a clean office culture is probably one of the most important tips. This is because it is imperative that employees understand the importance of maintaining a clean space and taking the steps necessary to clean common areas. It is important that all employees, especially for new employees, to understand that being neat and organized is also part of their job. However, you should certainly not be harsh or disciplinary about keeping a clean office space, but instead make it fun and a regular thing so your employees also take pride in having a clean, orderly workspace. Start with giving awards to whoever has the cleanest workstation or make it a point to compliment and thank employees who take it upon themselves to clean the common areas. Positive reinforcements are truly important when it comes to establishing a clean office culture and will result in a positive and productive environment. 

2) Have cleaning supplies available 

Another important tip to keep your office clean is to have cleaning supplies readily available. For example, having keyboard dusters, disinfectant wipes, screen cleaners, and other helpful cleaning supplies will be extremely helpful and your employees won’t feel the need to provide their own supplies. While having cleaning supplies readily available may seem like it will become quite an expense, it will actually save you money in the long run so you won’t have to replace or get rid of equipment for it not being well taken care of. Make sure to have brooms, dustpans, paper towels, dish soap, disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies available in common areas. It’s a good idea to keep these cleaning supplies kept in a known area all together so employees will know where to find them.

3) Take out the trash at the end of every workday

Nothing is worse than coming into a smelly office because of the trash not being taken out on a daily basis. You can prevent this by making sure to take the trash out after every workday so it isn’t left to sit overnight, creating a really big problem. A good rule of thumb is every time something is wet or has food scraps, the trash should be emptied. You never want to be known as the office that smells, especially to your clients.

4) Clean the floors

Vacuuming or sweeping the floors at least two or three times a week is also very important. Every time someone walks into the office, there is new dirt that is tracked in, which is why sweeping and vacuuming are paramount. As for mopping, that can be done at least once a week unless a spill or some type of accident happens. It is important for employees to share these tasks and take turns to maintain clean floors.

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5) Establish cleaning guidelines for individual workspaces

Another great tip is to establish cleaning guidelines for individual workspaces. Screens should always be kept clean, keyboards should always be dusted, papers, drawers, and desk spaces should always be neat and organized. After all, having clean and tidy workspace results in a more comfortable and productive environment.

6) Hire commercial office cleaning services

Last but certainly not least, hire a reputable team that specializes in commercial cleaning Los Angeles. It is always best to find an experienced team that specializes in office cleaning and they should come regularly to ensure optimal results. Maintaining the cleanliness of an office space is definitely not a small task. While it is important for your employees to contribute too little things to maintain the office space, having trusted commercial office cleaning services will go a long way. Taking advantage of office cleaning services Los Angeles will ensure that your office is kept clean and functional.

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