Being the owner of a commercial property or an employer in a rented office requires you to search for a commercial cleaning company. For a positive working environment, clean surroundings are a must. Furthermore, a professional look is always impactful for the clients visiting the office.

Obviously, mopping, sweeping, and dusting are things that you can do by just hiring one person. But the fact is that however hard this person works you will not get the appearance that you get with commercial cleaning services.

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The difference created by professional cleaning companies:

Commercial cleaning services Irvine ca is one place that will benefit your work culture immensely. Whether it is the upkeep and maintenance of the office or prioritizing the health of employees, the best cleaning service Irvine CA has to offer will do it all. 

Commonly commercial cleaning services provide COVID cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and so many more related services. Clean Care Services is no different when it comes to providing the best cleaning services in an efficient manner.

Being a commercial cleaning company we ensure all our clients will get access to a new-looking office every time you step in. Our services will benefit you in various ways, the aim of Clean Care Services is to work in a manner that keeps your employee productivity high. We understand how difficult it gets when employees are on sick leaves. By providing an infection-free working area, you can be sure of fewer sick days. 

Clearly, the happiness that you get while entering into a clean and safe environment is unmatchable. Being professionals we always want to give your office a professional appearance by giving our best services. We know you most likely assume that commercial cleaning will be expensive, but the fact is that by hiring Clean Care Services you are actually taking a step towards long-term cost savings. 

Quality cleaning, more storage space, sanitized work desks, etc are just some packaged benefits that you get when you opt for the Clean Care Services for your commercial property. 

Different ways in which Clean Care Services can assist you in commercial cleaning:

Now, we know that just being aware of the benefits of hiring Clean Care Services is a small motivation. For any agreement, it is important to learn about the service offerings. Following is a list of offerings available at Clean Care Services and the ways in which they will benefit you:

  • Commercial carpet care – Clean Care Services provides carpet cleaning in Irvine ca. For the long life and proper maintenance of your carpet flooring, all you need to do is contact our commercial carpet care team. We have the experience and knowledge about the different ways that are in use for carpet cleaning. Whether it is dry cleaning, steam cleaning, encapsulation, or any other work, we have the necessary resources in place. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what you need to be done. Our professionals will visit your workspace to better understand the procedures that will give desirable results. 
  • Commercial floor care – While some people are comfortable with commercial carpet flooring, there are many more flooring options on the market. Sometimes carpet flooring can be expensive and difficult to maintain. So for those who have different commercial flooring, we also provide commercial floor care service. Each flooring has a particular cleaning requirement. What works for carpet flooring does not work for wood flooring. So if you have an office space with flooring different from carpet flooring, we are capable of providing you with the best service, regardless. The experience of our team allows them to perform all the different cleaning procedures that give you preferable results.
  • Commercial upholstery care – There is hardly any office that does not own upholstery furniture. Whether it is the conference room, client waiting area, or any such similar place in the office, the upholstery furniture is your go-to choice. When it comes to improving your interiors, upholstery furniture is the best choice. However, upholstery furniture requires deep cleaning procedures for maintaining a new, fresh look. At Clean Care Services we have a dedicated team having the working knowledge of commercial upholstery care. Undoubtedly, commercial upholstery care is one of the top services that will completely change your perspective on commercial cleaning.
  • Tile and grout care – Tiles are common in commercial places. These are easy to maintain, but we cannot say the same for grout. Dust stuck in the grout makes the area look untidy and unhygienic. At the same time, your regular cleaning staff can never provide the best tile and grout care. In order to get rid of the dirt in the grout, we provide cleaning solutions that are highly effective. 
  • Touchpoint cleaning – Post pandemic, everyone is cautious while touching door handles, desks, etc. However hard you try, high touchpoints are unavoidable in any office. Therefore, the best solution to avoid the spread of infection is none other than touchpoint cleaning. Within our COVID cleaning services, we provide touch point cleaning that ensures minimal risk of infection. All your door handles, desks, furniture, etc are deeply sanitized by our team so that your working area is safe for the employees.
  • Entertainment and event disinfection – One unique service available with us is entertainment and event disinfection. For the production and entertainment industry coming back to work after the pandemic, we provide professional cleaning services. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and sanitized action area ready for shooting.

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Bottom Line:

To conclude, commercial cleaning is an essential service that you must outsource to the best in the business. By opting for Clean Care Services commercial cleaning, you get to focus on your core business. At the same time, we are performing our core business activity. In this manner, you are getting great service within your budget. So now that you know we are the best option for your commercial property, don’t forget to book an appointment with our team as soon as you can.


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