Bright and sunny skies are rolling in and that means it’s time for your office to get a cleaner look after the sulky winter time. Keeping your office up-to-date with a sleek, clean look will not only boost the morale of those in the office but also keep the outlook on your business in high standing.

How Do I Know If I Need Cleaning?

Knowing when you need a good cleaning of your carpet or floor is always up to you, but maintaining healthy flooring requires you to know what you’re looking for. Usually stains, tears, knots, cracks, wrinkles, etc. are good signs that your carpet or flooring are overdue for a professional cleaning.

The frequency of these cleanings can also vary greatly by the amount of use they get in your office. With a hustling business comes constant care and that’s what Clean Care Services hopes to cut down on! We strive to get your carpet or flooring looking like brand new and make it look that way for a good amount of time to reduce the amount of check-ups you’ll need down the line.

Constant Care Deals Offered

In the chance you’ll need further care on your flooring due to extensive wear and tear, Clean Care Services offers a complete Carpet Maintenance Program for returning customers! We know the hassle of worrying about paying for constant work on your carpet or flooring, and that’s why we want to reward our clients that trust us to keep working with them.

Carpet Maintenance Program

Clean Care Services will develop a comprehensive carpet maintenance program suited to fit your facilities needs. We will analyze your traffic patterns and develop a plan that will extend the life of your carpet while maintaining the appearance. This will save you premature carpet replacement and be more cost effective in the long run.


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