You know you need professional commercial carpet or floor cleaning for your business, but what will the cost be? How often do these floors need to be cleaned?

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The quick answer is, the average cost of commercial floor and carpet cleaning ranges from $0.15 to $0.50 per square foot, and should be cleaned at a minimum of once or twice per year.

But, a lot of factors go into determining the exact pricing and maintenance schedule for commercial flooring.

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Factors That Affect the Price of Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning Prices

  • The size of the facility and industry the business falls under
  • The amount of foot traffic
  • The type of flooring, and therefore which cleaning method is needed
  • The current condition of the floors or carpet

The industry, foot traffic, and the flooring itself all play a role. A medical building, for example, will be held to a higher standard of regulations than a retail store, although all public spaces require some degree of cleanliness.

Foot traffic is a crucial consideration when it comes to the floor cleaning pricing and plan. Some areas of your facility may see more foot traffic than others, such as with hallways and common areas. A hotel will see more foot traffic than a legal office.

When we work with you to hone in on a cleaning schedule, we’ll also talk about how often the floors need to be cleaned. Although we do provide one-time cleanings, it’s highly recommended to consider a regular maintenance plan.

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Why Building Managers & Business Owners Should Opt for Professional Floor Cleaning

We understand the best cleaning methods, products, and equipment to use for each type of flooring, and can ensure a thorough and professional job. If you go at it yourself you will be taking on a time consuming task that may not be effective in the long run.

By going with a professional like Clean Care Services, you:

  • Won’t inadvertently damage your floors by using the wrong product
  • Will ultimately save money by extending the life of your floors
  • Will ensure the safety and health of employees, clients, and customers

Clean floors significantly contribute to a safe, healthy environment in general, by reducing risk of falls and improving the air quality.

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