Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Spaces During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused fear and anxiety around the globe. People are minimizing the risk of exposure by all means. While you may not eat in a restaurant to keep yourself safe, how about getting your space cleaned? During the pandemic, you should strive to keep your office clean to curb the spread of germs and viruses.

Cleaning agencies that offer commercial floor care in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, are ensuring their staff wear masks and increase air aeration indoors during the cleaning process. Additionally, customers are advised to put on masks, leave the office, or stay in a separate room to prevent the spread of the lethal virus. If you are wondering how to get your office cleaned and disinfected amid the pandemic, here are tips for hiring a professional cleaning company.

  1. Conduct A Background Check

Ask referrals on a renowned company offering floor cleaning services in Chicago and other local areas such as Irvine. It is imperative to interview at least three companies to get an overview of how cleaning is being done amid the current crisis. Also, remember to visit the companies’ websites and check customer reviews as well as complaints. Pay keen attention to how a company addresses complaints.

  1. Interview Candidates

As said earlier, interview several candidates to ensure you are getting the best in the market. Request to meet with the person who will clean your space and interview him on the measures he is implementing to protect himself and others from the virus. Besides, asks them what type of cleaning supplies they use, especially if there are employees who are sensitive to harsh chemicals.

  1. Consider Credentials

A reputable cleaning company should be insured and bonded. The insurance company will assume responsibility in case someone is injured or something is broken on the job.

  1. Request for References

Before settling for a company, ask them to provide a list of customers they have served before. Ask the references whether the cleaning offered by the company meets expectations and how the employees treat people in the cleaning space. If the company has a list of repeat satisfied customers, don’t hesitate to make an offer.

  1. Determine Costs

Ask how long the job will take and the services included. If you want an extra service that is not in the package, discuss it with the company. Ensure the representative walks through your office or home before giving an estimate. Once you agree on a particular cost, get everything in writing. The agreement should discuss the services to be offered and the time frame in which the job should be completed.

  1. Get Ready for The Services

Before cleaners arrive, inform employees that there will be floor cleaning and disinfecting on a particular day. Also, train them on how to protect themselves during the process.


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