Many businesses may feel the urge to close their doors due to the treat of the Coronavirus. However, doing so could result in a huge decline in their profits. Clean Care Services wants to help you keep your doors open by providing you peace of mind knowing that your upholstery and floors are clean and disinfected. Clean Care Services are here to provide you unmatched cleaning service, to put you and your customers at ease with a clean office.

Vacuum Services

Like carpet, the fibers in upholstery can pick up allergens, dirt, dust, and other problems like bacteria and viruses. In order to ensure the cleaning solution can even reach the deep threads in the upholstery, it first has to be vacuumed. We use a special piece of machinery designed for vacuuming upholstery to effectively remove allergens and bacteria from furniture pieces. It isn’t enough that the surface is vacuumed either. The arms of the seat, the top, the bottom, the other side of the cushions, and beneath the cushions are all areas that we’ll also clean.

Disinfecting with Clean Care Service

Clean Care Service has many methods that can disinfect your upholstery to keep your office healthy. By utilizing various cleaners that are upholstery-safe, they can ensure your furniture looks brand new and stays germ-free. Many harmful viruses and bacteria can live on soft surfaces for days. Some may last even longer. While it’s easy to clean and sanitize hard surfaces, soft surfaces are often overlooked. That’s why you need our cleaning services to effectively remove harmful bacteria and viruses.

By using EPA-registered cleaners that are safe to use on upholstery, we’ll thoroughly disinfect all of the surfaces in your business. Some items, like curtains, uniforms, and rugs, may need to be laundered in order to be properly sanitized. We’ll also ensure that our employees are clean, so they don’t spread the virus themselves.

With Coronavirus spreading quickly, you need to do what you can to protect your employees and your customers. Utilizing our office upholstery cleaning in Philadelphia, Clean Care Service can ensure that your upholstery is clean and disinfected.


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