As a business owner, you want to project a positive image when your employees come to work and when customers or clients come in for your services. Cleanliness is a huge factor when it comes to how your business presents itself. When your carpet is clean and well-maintained, those who come into your business will assume that you truly care about the image of your business. While commercial carpets are great at withstanding dirt and debris, especially in high-traffic areas, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your carpet is cleaned regularly and well-maintained. 

As commercial cleaning specialists, clients often ask, “How often should my office’s carpet be cleaned?” While there is no one-size-fits-all answer for every business, as every business is unique, you’ll want to consider the following factors that’ll help you determine how often your commercial office carpet should be cleaned to ensure a spotless business.

For example, what type of carpet do you have? What are the specifics of your business and how often is there foot-traffic on your carpet each day? Additionally, the type of environment your business is in or the type of business you have may also play a role in the different types of dirt or debris that is tracked into your business. 

commercial carpet care checklist

Doing everything it takes to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet at your place of business is absolutely essential, as it is a reflection of your company. When a customer or client, or even employees walk into a place that doesn’t feel or look clean, it can certainly have a negative impact on your business as a whole. In this blog, we will go over an important checklist to ensure that you are taking great care of your carpet.

  • Carpet style and color

    The type of style and color of your carpet matters, as certain elements like its density, nap, pile type, and similar factors will play a role in how frequently your carpet will need to be cleaned. For instance, if your carpet is lighter in color or the nap of your carpet is high, you will definitely want to schedule commercial carpet cleaning more often. 

  • Foot traffic

    The amount of foot traffic that your carpet experiences is another important factor that needs to be considered when it comes to determining how often your carpet should be cleaned. Obviously, the more foot traffic that your carpet receives, the more often it’ll need to be cleaned. When it comes to foot traffic, you’ll want to consider how often both your employees and customers step onto the carpet. 

  • Type of commercial space

    Another essential factor to consider is the type of commercial space you have. For example:

    • Bars and restaurants

    Carpets in bars and restaurants should have commercial carpet cleaning quarterly. This is due to the fact that bars and restaurants experience more spills, as well as grease that is tracked from the kitchen. 

    • Medical facilities and nursing homes

    There are several regulations that exist in healthcare facilities, which require regular cleaning and sanitation procedures. Because there is an increase in airborne contaminants, it is imperative that cleaning and sanitation procedures are done regularly, including commercial office carpet cleaning.

    • Retail stores

    If your business is a retail store that experiences a lot of foot traffic, then you should have your carpet cleaned at least every three to six months.

    • Office buildings

    Depending on the number of employees and the conditions that your employees walk in from the building’s entrance, office carpet should be cleaned every six months.

    • Schools

    Schools certainly experience a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, school carpet should be cleaned as often as every three to six months.

Best Practices For a Well-Maintained Carpet

When it comes to the best practices to maintain your carpet, here are some important tips that you and your employees should practice:


Regular vacuuming is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to ensure that your carpet is well-maintained. Areas that experience high foot traffic should be vacuumed everyday or at least 3-4 times a week. Areas that do not experience much foot traffic should be vacuumed at least once a week.

2. Spot cleaning

If there is a spill or other type of stain on your carpet, be sure to treat it as soon possible. The sooner you treat it, the greater chance it can be removed. 

3. Preventative cleaning measures

Last but not least, the best and most effective way to ensure that your carpet is kept clean and in good condition is to have it professionally cleaned in regular intervals. The frequency of professional carpet cleaning depends on the amount of foot traffic, the state of the carpet, and more. If you are looking for a professional commercial carpet cleaning service, contact our team today!


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