Paul Roberta

Founder & General Partner

Paul Roberta is a Founder & General Partner at Clean Care Services and wears many hats: running the business day to day, overseeing sales and marketing, building ironclad customer relationships, and cementing a reputation for attentive and reliable customer service. Starting as an entrepreneur in the janitorial business in 1987, then managing eight branches as Regional Vice President for DuPont Flooring Systems, Carpet Maintenance Division, Paul Roberta brought all his interests and experience together when he founded Clean Care Services in 2001. With his track record in the cleaning business and 20 years of success at Clean Care Services, Paul is widely sought out for his expertise and attention to detail. He has appeared on Channel 7, ABC News in Los Angeles, as well as, the Hollywood Reporter sharing his professional expertise and insight.

Paul Roberta - Founder of Clean Care Services

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