Find Professional Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Clean Care Services offers top-notch commercial upholstery cleaning in Philadelphia, PA. We’ve been helping local businesses with their cleaning needs for over 30 years while maintaining quality, professionalism, and reliability. Learn more about the benefits of upholstery cleaning and how we can help!

The Importance of Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

One aspect of commercial cleaning that is often overlooked is upholstery cleaning. It’s easy to forget about the dirt, stains, and bacteria that can accumulate on furniture over time, but neglecting regular upholstery cleaning can have serious consequences for your business.

Not only can dirty upholstery make a bad impression on clients and customers, but it can also lead to a buildup of allergens and bacteria that can be harmful to your employees’ health. Regular upholstery cleaning can help to prevent these issues, keeping your workspace clean, comfortable, and safe for everyone who uses it.

Our experienced team provides commercial upholstery cleaning for offices, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, the hospitality industry, and more throughout the region.

How We Can Help Your Business

We know that maintaining a clean and presentable space is crucial for any business or facility, and that’s where our commercial upholstery cleaning services come in. With our expertise and advanced equipment, we can provide thorough and efficient cleaning for all types of upholstery, from office chairs to waiting room couches. Let us help you create a clean and welcoming environment for all of your customers and employees.

Why Clean Care Services Is the Best Choice for Your Needs

At Clean Care Services, we pride ourselves on providing excellent commercial upholstery cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA that are second to none. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality service from a team of professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Plus, we use green cleaning methods, so you never have to worry about harsh chemicals harming your employees or the environment. So why pick anyone else? Give us a call at (877) 982-5326 for a free estimate and let us show you why we’re the best choice for your commercial upholstery cleaning needs!


We can clean a wide variety of commercial upholstery, including chairs, sofas, benches, and more.
It depends on how much use your upholstery gets. We recommend getting upholstery cleaned at least once a year, but more frequently if it’s used heavily or if you have customers with allergies or sensitivities.
No, our green cleaning methods are gentle and effective. We never use harsh chemicals that could damage your upholstery, and we always test a small area first to make sure the cleaning process won’t cause any damage.
It depends on the size and condition of the upholstery, but most jobs take just a few hours. We’ll work with you to schedule a time that’s convenient for your business, and we’ll be in and out as quickly as possible while still providing a thorough cleaning.

In most cases, yes. We use specialized cleaning solutions and techniques to remove stains from a wide variety of fabrics. However, some stains may be permanent, especially if they’ve been left untreated for a long time. We’ll do our best to remove any stains we can, and we’ll let you know if we think a stain is unlikely to come out.