Upholstery Cleaning West Chester PA


A clean office space boosts morale and makes your company more productive. Our services bring a positive influence on your company and we’ve worked with several types of materials and can handle almost any request from our clients. Call (877) 982-5326 to learn more.

Commercial Upholstery Care Will Make Your Office Look Clean and Inviting

man cleaning office chair

Is your office furniture looking a little past its prime? It may be time to call in a professional upholstery cleaning service. The upholstery care team at Clean Care Services will:

Remove stains from your upholstery
Reduce the effects of wear-and-tear on your chairs
Eliminate odors and allergens from your fabrics
Sanitize your office furniture

We’ll clean your office chairs, partitions, fabric panels and any other commercial upholstery on your property. Our services will make your upholstery look better and extend the life of your furniture. Call 877-982-5326 today to learn more.



    “I run a private clinic in LA and kept it open throughout a lot of the pandemic ups and downs, and sanitized every surface as much as I could, but I always felt nervous about the chair and couch cushion fabric holding germs. I called clean care to sanitize all of the upholstery in my office space and was very satisfied with how quick and professional they are. Will be going to them for other services as well after a job well done.”

    – Shane

    “I just rented a new office space that came with furniture included, the chair and couches all looked old and dirty, and I figured I was going to have to pay out of pocket to replace them all. A friend recommended that I call Clean Care Services and see if they could clean up the chairs and couch cushions, and they came in very quickly after our call to give me a quote. They were able to professionally clean all of the upholstery on the furniture, and it took YEARS of wear and tear off. Clean Care Services saved me thousands of dollars, really can’t thank them enough!”

    – Jenn

    “Our office has used Clean Care Service’s upholstery cleaning services for years to routinely give all the furniture a thorough cleaning. We wouldn’t go anywhere else, they do an amazing job, are very fast, and friendly, plus scheduling is always a breeze with them. They definitely make you feel valued, and have kept us as a loyal customer over the years, and for many to come.”

    – Carl