When an individual becomes an entrepreneur, his or her responsibility doubles up. An entrepreneur is responsible for the market success of the company. Additionally, he or she is also responsible for the well-being of the team working day in and day out to take the venture to greater heights. 

The coronavirus pandemic came as a huge challenge to the leadership ability of the entrepreneurs. Running a business along with preventing the spread of infection in the workplace is a huge responsibility. In order to assist entrepreneurs in due fulfillment of this responsibility, the Clean Care Services is now providing COVID cleaning services Phoenix.

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About Clean Care Services

We are a commercial cleaning service provider helping clients in owning a clean workplace. The commercial cleaning services Phoenix ensures that you and your employees are in a hygienic environment throughout the day. 

Being the best cleaning services Phoenix we try to provide flexible options among the cleaning services available with us. We understand that every individual wants assistance in a different manner when it comes to cleaning. Hence, by choosing Clean Care Services you get the option of paying for only the cleaning services that you need. 

Having said that, the two most popular cleaning services that we provide are commercial carpet care and commercial floor care. Knowing these are the most difficult cleaning services of all, we ensure that we provide you with the best quality of cleaning service.

commercial cleaning services phoenix

The most popular activities of Clean Care Services

Obviously, you are aware of the fact that different cleaning areas utilize varying cleaning processes. For each cleaning activity, there is a need for different resources. At Clean Care Services, you will easily find all the resources necessary to execute the most popular cleaning activities like:

  • Low-moisture cleaning

This is one of the most popular cleaning services available for carpet floor cleaning. It is a popular service for commercial floor cleaning. Clearly, going by the name, the low-moisture cleaning service reduces the drying time to less than 2 hours. Because a commercial property is functioning throughout the day, a short drying time is the best option. As a result of this technique, there is no hindrance in the working hours of an office. Additionally, the low-moisture cleaning is not a messy process and provides you with clean carpet flooring. 

  • Encapsulation cleaning

Encapsulation is a part of the complete carpet cleaning carpet. The professionals of a cleaning service provider, spray chemicals on the carpet flooring. Afterward, they use a rotary brush machine for brushing the chemical into the carpet flooring. This service of encapsulation uses specific equipment which is why not all the commercial cleaning service providers have this service available to them. The encapsulation cleaning is a part of the low-moisture cleaning. Hence, it helps in extending the time period for performing the hot water extraction cleaning on the carpet flooring. Moreover, because encapsulation works on brushing the chemicals into the carpet fibers, it becomes part of the most effective carpet cleaning activity.

  • Portable extraction

The portable extraction activity is also a part of the commercial floor cleaning service. Because the commercial floors tend to get very dirty, there is a need for electric equipment to get rid of the deep stains. The portable extractors run on electricity and help in extracting the dirt stuck within the carpet flooring. This equipment is highly effective for the daily cleaning of commercial flooring. The best aspect of portable extractors is that they come with tanks capable of holding both the cleaning solution as well as the soil-laden water. As a result, the portable extractors function like complete equipment for commercial and residential cleaning.

  • Cubicle wall cleaning

The IT companies opt for the idea of assigning cubicles to each and every employee. These cubicles ensure that the employee has one complete workstation to work in an efficient manner. While the cubicles help in accommodating a greater number of employees, it also causes trouble when it comes to cubicle cleaning. The cubicle walls usually do not have paint on them. Because the cubicle walls have a fabric construction, a lot of dust settles on them. Cubicle wall cleaning follows all the steps like vacuuming, spot cleaner, etc. Clearly, the whole cubicle wall cleaning process uses different resources. Just by contacting us, you will get yourself a complete commercial cleaning package. It will ensure that not just your flooring but even your cubicles are clean.

  • Area rugs

Usually, interior designers prefer rugs on commercial flooring to give the office an elegant look. However, maintaining area rugs is one of the most difficult tasks. The area rugs are made up of delicate fibers. As a result, not all the cleaning procedures will lead to the most effective results. We at Clean Care Service ensure that the area rugs are clean by using a lightweight steam cleaning technique. 

  • Mold damage

Molds are fungi that grow in deep corners due to the presence of moisture. The molds make a commercial property look old and shabby. Moreover, they are capable of spreading infection among humans. As a result, mold remediation becomes an important part of commercial cleaning services. Because mold grows in deep corners and is capable of damaging your office, seeking out the service of a commercial cleaning firm is always recommended. Our team of experienced professionals works together to thoroughly clean your commercial property. We also ensure that your workspace is properly sterilized and disinfected after cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right cleaning service provider is important to ensure hygiene and safety. Every commercial place sees a number of visitors on a daily basis. Hence, it becomes very important to hire a commercial cleaning service provider which acknowledges the different cleaning needs of every client. 

Therefore, if you are the owner of a commercial property worrying about preventing the spread of infection at your workplace, then Clean Care Services is your point of contact. We are happy to provide our clients with a safe and secure working environment. Book your appointment now and enjoy a clean office space within the next 24 hours.


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