Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Woodbury East California

Clean Care Services is a family owned and operated commercial upholstery cleaning business located in Woodbury East, California. With 15 years of experience, Clean Care Services’ NCCA certified technicians are factory trained to provide professional, reliable, and efficient upholstery cleaning services. Our 5 star rated team has the expertise to ensure your upholstered furniture looks its best. Contact us today for all of your commercial upholstery cleaning needs!

  • 15+ years experience: Expertise you can trust!
  • NCCA Certified: Professional results!
  • 5 Star Rated: Quality assurance!
  • Family Owned & Operated: Personalized service!
  • Factory Trained Technicians: Skilled craftsmanship!
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    How Can We Help

    We can help you keep your upholstery looking its best with our commercial upholstery cleaning services. Our experienced team will use the latest industry-leading techniques and products to ensure that your furniture is both clean and protected. We’ll provide a thorough, deep clean of all types of fabrics and materials, so that you can feel confident in the quality of service we provide. Plus, with our efficient process, we’ll have your upholstery looking like new in no time!

    Why Us

    We, at Clean Care Services, are committed to providing our customers with reliable, professional and efficient commercial upholstery cleaning services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and NCCA certification, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to get your office furniture looking like new. Our family owned and operated business is 5-star rated, and our technicians are factory trained for a top quality job every time. Choose us for all of your commercial upholstery cleaning needs and you won’t be disappointed.


    Yes, we do! We offer professional commercial upholstery cleaning services to businesses of all sizes.

    We can clean all types of commercial upholstery materials, including leather, vinyl, fabrics, and more.

    Depending on your specific needs, commercial upholstery should be cleaned at least once every 6 months to maintain its appearance and cleanliness.

    We use safe and effective cleaning methods that are specifically designed for different types of fabrics. We also use specialized tools and equipment to ensure the best results.

    The commercial upholstery cleaning process typically takes around 2-3 hours. However, the exact time may vary depending on the size of the job and the type of fabric being cleaned.

    Ready to Take Care of Your Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Needs in Woodbury East California? Count on Reliable Clean Care Services!

    At Clean Care Services, we are committed to delivering reliable services for all your commercial upholstery cleaning needs in Woodbury East California. With a five-star rating and years of experience, our team has what it takes to make sure the job is done right. We understand that it can be hard to find the right company to take care of your furniture, which is why we strive to provide you with quality results every time. Our experienced technicians will use their expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Plus, our prices are competitive, so you know you’re getting a great value for your money. So if you need help taking care of your commercial upholstery cleaning needs, turn to Clean Care Services – you won’t regret it.

    The Benefits of Upholstered Furniture in Commercial Spaces

    Upholstered furniture is a great way to bring comfort and style into any commercial space. Not only does it provide an inviting atmosphere, but it also makes the room look more professional. And when it comes to commercial upholstery cleaning, having upholstered furniture can come with some big benefits.

    First, upholstered furniture is much easier to clean than other materials like leather or wood. This means less time spent on deep cleaning and more time focused on running your business. Plus, you are able to use special products that specifically target dirt and stains found in fabric, giving you peace of mind that your furniture will be spotless after every session.

    Another benefit of upholstered furniture for commercial spaces is its durability. Fabric is known to last longer than other materials, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your furniture anytime soon. Additionally, if something were to happen to the furniture, repairs are usually easy to make without taking away from the overall look. To illustrate this point, one of our customers had their chair’s armrest damaged by accident – all we did was order new fabric and re-upholster the piece within a few days.

    From providing a comfortable environment to making sure your furniture looks pristine, upholstered furniture has many advantages that make it perfect for commercial spaces. If you’re looking to add some high-quality pieces to your business, consider investing in upholstered furniture and enjoy these long-lasting benefits!

    Professional Upholstery Cleaning: The Key to a Healthy and Comfortable Work Environment

    When it comes to keeping your business premises clean, one of the most important services you can invest in is commercial upholstery cleaning. It may be easy to overlook, but over time dirt and dust accumulate on furniture, leading to an unhealthy work environment for employees as well as customers. Regular upholstery cleaning ensures that your workplace remains free from allergens, bacteria, and odors, creating a more comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

    At Clean Care Services, we understand just how vital professional upholstery cleaning is, which is why we offer comprehensive services to businesses across Woodbury East California. Our family-run team has years of experience in providing top-notch services, so you can trust us to get the job done right. We use only the latest equipment and products to deliver outstanding results without damaging any fabrics or surfaces. Whether you require regular maintenance or deep cleaning, our reliable and efficient service will have your upholstery looking good as new in no time.

    Bring Your Furniture Back to Life with Professional Upholstery Cleaning!

    We know how expensive it can be to buy new furniture for your business. It’s a major investment, and you want it to look great for as long as possible. That’s why commercial upholstery cleaning is the perfect solution! Regular professional cleanings will keep your furniture looking like new, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements any time soon.

    At Clean Care Services, our team has years of experience in bringing upholstered furniture back to life. We use advanced steam cleaning technology to deep-clean fabrics, removing dirt, dust, allergens, and unpleasant odors. Our process is gentle on furniture, yet powerful enough to restore them to their original condition. Plus, we use eco-friendly products that are safe for pets and people alike. With our help, your workspace will always feel welcoming and inviting.


    “We had some water stains on the commercial carpeting of our office and thought we would have to rip it all out and replace it before calling Clean Care Services. They reassured us that they would be able to work on our commercial carpeting and they were right. They did a fantastic job cleaning up all of the damaged areas of the commercial carpeting and made the entire carpet look brand new. I am very happy with the results.”

    – Janice

    “The commercial carpeting in our office was noticeably stained in many areas from years of spills and use, and it was time for some carpet cleaning. After doing some research, I came across Clean Care Services, gave them a call, and explained everything. They were very friendly and engaged over the phone, which I appreciate and feel is rare these days. When they came in, I originally thought I would be paying more for a huge commercial carpet cleanup and they let me know they could spot treat the carpeting. It saved time and money, plus the commercial carpeting in the office looks as good as new! I am overly happy with the results and will be using them for future commercial carpet cleaning projects as well.”

    – Laura

    “Our building was closed up for a long time during the pandemic and when we came back to work, we immediately noticed a musty stench. We called Clean Care Services to deodorize the carpeting and save it. Luckily they did! They came in quickly, were very productive, friendly, and got our carpet and office feeling as fresh as new.”

    – Mark