Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Northpark Square, CA

Clean Care Services is a Northpark Square, CA based upholstery cleaning company with over 20 years of experience. Our team of NCA certified technicians are highly trained and experienced to deliver the best in quality services. Our 5-star ratings speak for themselves, as we proudly serve multiple states. At Clean Care Services, our core values are reliability, professionalism, and affordability, so you can trust that your upholstery will be well taken care of. Contact us today for all your commercial upholstery cleaning needs!

  •  20+ Years Experience – Proven Expertise 

  • NCA Certified – Quality Guaranteed 

  • 5-Star Rated – Highly Regarded 

  • Multi-State Service – Nationwide Reach 

  • Certified Techs – Quality Assured

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    How Can We Help

    We at Clean Care Services understand how important it is to keep your business looking and feeling clean. That’s why we offer professional, reliable and affordable commercial upholstery cleaning services for Northpark Square businesses. We’ll take care of all your upholstered furniture needs, from deep-cleaning couches and chairs to shampooing and sanitizing carpets. With our top-notch service, you can rest assured that your office will look its best!

    Why Us

    We at Clean Care Services are the perfect choice for your commercial upholstery cleaning needs. With 20+ years of experience, NCA certification and 5-star ratings, you can trust us to take care of your furniture. Our trained and certified cleaning techs are able to service multiple states, so no matter where you are located, we will be there to help. Plus, our services are reliable, professional, and affordable – making us a great choice for any budget.


    We clean all kinds of upholstery, including sofas, chairs, couches, and more.
    It depends on the fabric and how often it’s used, but generally speaking, it’s best to get it cleaned at least once a year.
    We use only the highest quality, eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure your upholstery is properly and safely cleaned.
    Yes! We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results of our cleaning services, or we’ll return to make it right.
    It usually takes around 2-3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the furniture.

    Hire Clean Care Services in Northpark Square, CA for Professional Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

    Are you looking for a reliable and professional commercial upholstery cleaning service to come to your business? We’ve got just the company for you: Clean Care Services based in Northpark Square, CA. With their NCA certification, you can trust that they’ll take the utmost care of your furniture and leave it looking as good as new.

    We know how important it is to find an experienced and safe team to work with. That’s why we highly recommend Clean Care Services – their team has years of experience with all types of commercial upholstery cleaning projects and will make sure to deliver exceptional results every time. Plus, their commitment to customer satisfaction means that if there ever are any issues, they’ll be more than happy to address them quickly and efficiently.

    Furniture Stains & Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

    Furniture stains can be a nightmare for any commercial business. Whether it’s coffee spills, pet accidents or ink marks, these unsightly blemishes not only make your furniture look unprofessional, but they can also cause lasting damage to the fabric if left untreated. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable upholstery cleaning service on hand when these types of incidents occur.

    At an experienced upholstery cleaning company, their team of certified technicians will use proven techniques and quality products to remove even the toughest of stains from your furniture. From deep-cleansing shampoos and stain removal solutions to steam treatments and specialised spot cleaners – every item is handled with great care and precision, ensuring that all traces of the stain are completely removed without damaging the surrounding fabric.

    The process doesn’t stop there either; once the stain has been removed, you can choose from a range of protective coatings and finishes to protect the fabric in the future. These include:

    1. Scotchgard™ protection
    2. Anti-stain coating
    3. Odour-neutraliser

    No matter what kind of fabric you’re dealing with – leather, velvet, cotton or synthetics – you can rest assured that an upholstery cleaning specialist will be able to restore your furniture back to its former glory. With years of experience, advanced equipment and industry leading processes, they’ll work hard to get rid of those stubborn stains and leave you with beautiful furniture you can proudly display in your workplace.

    Why Is Commercial Upholstery Cleaning So Important?

    When it comes to keeping upholstered furniture clean and looking its best, commercial upholstery cleaning is essential. Dirty upholstery can not only be an eyesore, but it can also affect air quality and cause allergies and other health issues. Here are just a few of the reasons why investing in professional upholstery cleaning services is so important:

    1. Prevention of dust mites and other microbes that can cause respiratory problems.
    2. Removal of stains and soils caused by everyday use or accidental spills.
    3. Extending the life of your upholstered furniture with regular maintenance.
    4. Keeping furniture looking new longer by removing dirt and debris build-up.

    At Clean Care Services, we understand how important it is to keep upholstered furniture clean and well maintained. We provide expert carpet and upholstery cleaning services using trained and certified technicians who have the right knowledge and experience to get the job done properly. Our goal is to help you maintain the beauty and comfort of your upholstered furniture for years to come.

    Why Choose Clean Care Services for Your Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

    If you’re looking to make your team happy and keep your upholstery looking like new, then Clean Care Services is the right choice for you. Our commercial carpet cleaning services in Northpark Square, CA are designed to provide superior service with unbeatable results.

    Our experienced team has the know-how and high-tech equipment necessary to tackle any job. We will deep clean your carpets and furniture to remove dirt, germs, and allergens from your space. Plus, we use eco-friendly products that won’t harm the environment or your family. With Clean Care Services, you can trust that your upholstery will come out looking brand new again!


    “We had some water stains on the commercial carpeting of our office and thought we would have to rip it all out and replace it before calling Clean Care Services. They reassured us that they would be able to work on our commercial carpeting and they were right. They did a fantastic job cleaning up all of the damaged areas of the commercial carpeting and made the entire carpet look brand new. I am very happy with the results.”

    – Janice

    “The commercial carpeting in our office was noticeably stained in many areas from years of spills and use, and it was time for some carpet cleaning. After doing some research, I came across Clean Care Services, gave them a call, and explained everything. They were very friendly and engaged over the phone, which I appreciate and feel is rare these days. When they came in, I originally thought I would be paying more for a huge commercial carpet cleanup and they let me know they could spot treat the carpeting. It saved time and money, plus the commercial carpeting in the office looks as good as new! I am overly happy with the results and will be using them for future commercial carpet cleaning projects as well.”

    – Laura

    “Our building was closed up for a long time during the pandemic and when we came back to work, we immediately noticed a musty stench. We called Clean Care Services to deodorize the carpeting and save it. Luckily they did! They came in quickly, were very productive, friendly, and got our carpet and office feeling as fresh as new.”

    – Mark