Commercial Tile Cleaning Services

Clean Care Services has helped serve commercial buildings on a national level for over 20 years now. All of our clients are not only impressed with the work that we provide but happy to know that our company truly cares about the look of your flooring. Through extensive training and experience in the field, all of our employees have the knowledge to tackle any commercial flooring that needs proper care on its tile & grout. 

How Do I Know If I Need Cleaning?

While maintaining your commercial tile can be relatively easy, keeping the grout in good condition can be incredibly difficult after a few years of wear and tear. With constant rubbing against the solid grout in between your tile, the grout can tend to be rubbed off and let liquids seep into it which in turn causes staining.

This is where we step in with our highly trained professionals and ensure that we not only clean up your existing tile & grout but make it look like brand new. Having a fresh look for your commercial floor can have a huge effect on the outlook of your business.

Is There a Loyalty Program?

Yes, there is! We’ve always shared the idea that having a strong relationship with our clients is crucial to having both sides satisfied. We greatly appreciate everyone’s trust that they put in us when they choose us, so we wanted a way to pay it back. That’s why we decided to create an extensive Maintenance Program for our returning customers so they get a little something back for putting their trust in us. 

What’s the Maintenance Program?

Clean Care Services will develop a comprehensive tile and grout maintenance program suited to fit your facilities needs. We will analyze your traffic patterns and develop a plan that will extend the life of your tile and grout while maintaining the appearance. This will save you premature grout replacement and prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.


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