A first impression can make or break a relationship. This becomes even more important when starting a new relationship with customers or clients. Your office space is the first impression people will get of you upon first meeting. And in recent times, attention to cleanliness is paramount. The best method for maintaining a clean space is to bring in the professionals––a professional cleaning service that is!. Read on for our 6 tips to discover why hiring professionals is important, and how to find the right match for your needs.

1. Turn to Others

The first and arguably easiest way to locate a top-tier professional cleaning service company is to reach out to colleagues you trust. Even if the company they suggest isn’t the right match, it will give you a starting point. Through this, you’ll be able to weed through the list of potential candidates to companies that have worked with businesses in the same industry as yours.  You can also reach out to people outside of your business network, such as family and friends, to expand your pool of recommendations! Ultimately, every business has most likely used a commercial cleaning service before and will have some pointers for you.

2. Read Reviews Do Your Homework

The most powerful tool to use for you, the worldwide world web, has endless information about the commercial cleaning services near you. Do a quick google search for commercial cleaning services near you, and when the results come up, they should most likely be including reviews from trusted sites such as Google and Yelp. If the business is reputable, there should be plenty of reviews to sort through and give you a better idea of how this company works. Here there will be testimonials and reports from past clients, and you can decide if the commercial cleaning services company is trustworthy or not.

3. Know Your Needs

Each business is unique and has its own unique needs when it comes to cleaning. It is important to note your business’s needs, and whether the company you’re looking at offers services to fulfill those needs. A good example of this is the difference in cleaning needs between a medical facility and an office space.  You should also be aware of the type of building you are in will affect the services or equipment to be used. By considering the location you’re in, and what your unique cleaning needs are, you can guarantee the best results when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

4. Experience is King

An unmatched method for gaining knowledge about whether or not a commercial cleaning company is capable is to ask for names of businesses they’ve been hired to work for previously. If the company is experienced, they will have a list of satisfied customers to present to you, and are more likely to give you good results. 

Another important question to ask is how long they have been working with these other companies as well. A long relationship with companies similar to yours is a great sign that they will provide you with the high-quality service you’re looking for.

5. Better Safe Than Sorry

It is important to keep your customers and employees safe in a professional business environment. That’s why another important tip to keep in mind when hiring a commercial cleaning services company is whether or not they can guarantee safe procedures. There are some questions you’ll want to ask before hiring so you don’t cause any unnecessary safety hazards in your work environment.  The first question you’ll want to ask is whether or not the cleaning company is licensed and insured. If anything were to go wrong, ensuring that the company is licensed and insured will reduce your business’s liability in case of an accident. Another important question to bring up is if the employees performing the cleaning are properly trained. There are some potentially hazardous equipment and chemicals involved in professional cleaning, and anyone handling them should be properly trained. commercial cleaning services

6. Get a Quote Request a Quote

Last but not least, you need to request a quote from every company you are considering for hire. This is the point where knowing your business’s unique needs and explaining them to the pros, becomes important. 

A professional cleaning company will develop a personalized cleaning plan, so you need to explain exactly what you’re looking for and need to get an accurate quote. It’s acceptable to walk away from a potential commercial cleaning company if the quote is not fulfilling your business’s needs, or is out of your budget. Compare your potential choices to find the best one!

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Advantages of Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Companies

By hiring a commercial cleaning service company, you are ensuring that you will get good results. If you are still unconvinced that hiring a professional commercial cleaning service isn’t for your business, think about some of the benefits you would otherwise miss out on. 

Custom Cleaning Plans Unique Plans

Arguably the number one benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning company is the expertise and knowledge they will provide. Not many of us know about commercial cleaning, and that’s why we call the pros!

Original Technology and Products

When you hire a professional cleaning service company, you are gaining access to the most current cleaning technology and products on the market. For the most part, you have to e a licensed cleaning company to garner access to the most current professional-grade cleaning products, for the best results.

Guaranteed Safety

An important point previously mentioned, the equipment and chemicals involved in commercial cleaning can be hazardous. . Oftentimes, office managers might take it upon themselves to clean the workspace. This can not only be dangerous but might affect your company’s environmental footprint. It’s the safest and best bet to leave it to the professionals.

Saving Money Lowering Costs

Keeping a commercial cleaning company on retainer can lower your overhead maintenance cost in the long run, as it can improve the longevity of your office space. By investing in the care of your office property space, you are ensuring that it will be clean and useful for many years to come.


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